Xtreamr is the video solution for broadcasters and content producers to create interactive programming on TV and Digital.

create. engage. transform.


At Xtreamr we sit at the intersection between a technology provider and a creative service, collaborating with our partners to Create interactive video content, so they can Engage like never before with their audience via video and Transform how they conceive of, produce, and deliver video.


Check out Xtreamr in action and see who's already begun creating content with next level engagement!


Drive fan-engagement by creating pre and post match interactive programmes, where fans and VIPs share their opinions and analysis directly with your hosts


Maximise access to talent and offer new ways for them to connect with their biggest supporters, giving fans the chance to speak directly to their favourite stars


Hold a round table with journalists and experts connecting from all over the world, whether its a scheduled event or breaking news produced on the fly

Xtreamr has powered interactive video content for:

create. engage. transform.

With no other solution on the market can you interact with your global audience so easily, via video and with confidence, with effortless integration into your production workflow


Xtreamr’s premoderation tool gives you the power to prescreen audience participants via video, so you know who is going live


Participants can be live within seconds, connecting from anywhere around the globe, through web or smartphone


Our moderation tool gives hosts and producers the ability to queue up participants and seamlessly switch between them


Integrate Xtreamr into your full-scale broadcast studio or use our end-to-end production tools to create new interactive content made for digital


Use our fully integrated editor tool to include graphic overlays such as text, images, live polls, and live tweets within Xtreamr-powered content


We provide a full service team of experts at all stages, working hand in hand with our clients

We Create dynamic content with our customers so they can Engage with theirs, working to Transform the world of video together.

create. engage. transform.


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