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Login & Interface

What is the second login? Do I use the same login credentials?

Yes, for now we require that you log in twice. Please use the same username and password.

After I log in, I am stuck on the ‘waiting for media permissions’ screen. Why is this?

It’s likely that you did not grant permissions for Xtreamr to access your microphone and camera. Please go into privacy and security settings and accept these permissions. This is required for Xtreamr to work.

Once I configure settings, the interface stops working or I see a blank screen.

Please check that you are using a Chrome browser. If the problem persists, try opening up in incognito mode.

What if I complete the configuration and start the session, but I need to copy the links again?

If you select the LINK sign, it will open up an email in the native mail client on your computer with a list of all of the links. Or, you can hit the CHANGE FORMAT symbol to return to the first page of the interface to begin configuration again.

When I complete the configuration, the boxes on the screen are not in the right positions. Why?

Xtreamr is designed for the screen resolution of a television or monitor. To view properly, you need to change the screen resolution to 1920×1080 (using a program like SwitchResX) or mirror onto an external screen.

What if I want to start a session and re-use it later?

You can start a session to be accessed later, by saving all of the links and making sure not to hit “End Session”. Just close the browser instead. When you want to restart this session, just input the host URL to begin again. Please note, once you hit “End Session” the links will no longer be usable.

All of a sudden I see a screen that says “Whoops! This session has ended.” What do I do?

This happens sometimes if you lose connectivity. Just put in the host URL to begin the session again.


Premoderation & Presenter tools

Can I use the premoderation or presenter tools on an iPad?

No, only on an Android tablet or laptop.


Joining as a Collaborator

I downloaded the app but it isn’t working.

Please make sure that you have downloaded the correct app, Xtreamr.REC, from the appstore. Once you have the app you will be able to connect to a live session by clicking a link provided to you that will redirect you to the app or by scanning a QR code provided to you by the programme host.

What will I see if I enter premoderation?

First you will see a waiting screen, while the premoderator gets ready. When the premoderator speaks to everyone at once or is ready to speak with you, you will be able to see him/her on your screen. Once you are passed through premoderation, you will enter the live queue and you will be able to see the programme while you wait to speak with the presenter.



Do you have any tutorial videos I can watch?

Yep! For tutorial videos in English, click here
And for tutorial videos in Spanish, click here