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You can now enjoy all the benefits of Xtreamr for your own live content!

Xtreamr is the easiest way to stream those spontaneous life moments that are just begging to be shared. Capture live video and share it with the people who matter most.

Invite your friends and family to react with emojis, voice notes, and video notes, or even join your stream in real-time.


  • Start sharing live video with just one tap.
  • Share your live video via any messaging or social app, to people on mobile or desktop.
  • Have total control over who your personal content is shared with.
  • See friends and family react through real-time video notes, audio notes and emojis.
  • Collaborate with others to make your live stream even better with multiple points of view.
  • Re-live the experience with a compilation of the best bits edited by Xtreamr.

Download Xtreamr today to start sharing live moments with your friends and family.

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