Landing Hero

Landing Easy set-up

Easy set-up

All on the web and you’re live at the touch of a button, no software or complicated integration required

Real-time interaction

Real-time interaction

With your consumers, viewers and fans

Landing Moderation tools

Moderation tools

Give you complete control over who joins your stream

Rich, multi-angle experiences

by adding multiple cameras to stream from various perspectives

Landing maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Compatible with smartphones to professional equipment, local or remote

Landing expand your reach

Expand your reach

By embedding your live videos into your owned channels and streaming via social platforms simultaneously

Landing move seamlesly

Move seamlesly

From participants in one location to the next, across the globe

Landing fully brand

Fully brand

Each experience to make it your own

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Landing Own your footage

Own your footage

Receive the raw files from your live stream or final cut footage, for immediate publication after the stream is over

Landing whos talking about

Who´s talking about Xtreamr?